REVEAL is a European Educational Network for Competence Oriented Learning and Validation.

It has been developed since 2005 and currently consists of institutions and individuals from 22 European Member States, including universities, European umbrella organisations, educational institutions, schools, vocational training institutions and various non-governmental organisations from different sectors.

REVEAL was founded to offer the LEVEL5 system and the related products and services in Europe.

Since 2005, 25 European development projects with more than 150 local learning projects
have been carried out in all sectors of education in Europe.

Our goal is to provide learning spaces and opportunities which support modern, human centred learning. The REVEAL group has called its approach “Competence Oriented Learning and Validation”.

We put a special focus on learning in informal contexts, be it at the workplace, in volunteering, in civic and sustainable development and capacity building.

We have been active in research and development of innovative teaching and learning approaches and work for the professionalisation of people who educate and train others.

Learning technologies are increasingly suitable tools to support this modern way of learning and competence development.

However, they need high quality teaching approaches to compile learning settings and didactics that are attractive and effective (COL). At the same time they also need a professional validation to give evidence of the competence developments.

Based on these considerations we have created Mathetics. It serves as a platform for tools and instruments which support innovative, blended learning solutions for competence oriented learning and validation.

If you wish to find out more about REVEAL, feel free to visit our website